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Enhance every hike by knowing where you're going, where you are and where you've been.

My Location shows the zoomable and panable map, the current position, and a track of the path you took.

Track: Record and graph your hike.

              Track screen shows elevation gain and distance travelled. Tap the Share button to send a GPX track.

Time on the track.

    Trace the track with one finger to view the date and time of the track points.

Speed on the track.

    Trace the track with two fingers to view the average speed of a range of track points.

Easily find and download any New Zealand or Australia topo map:

 Download and store a topo map for anywhere in
  New Zealand or Australia.
Type name, tap Search on the keyboard, gives
Latitude and Longitude.

Choose the downloaded map to view.

  List of your maps stored in the iPad.

Maps Stitch Together to cover those trails which cross a map boundary.
Map Stitching turned OFF in the Settings App.
Map Stitching turned ON in the Settings App.

Enjoy maps of The New Zealand North & South Islands, and of the outlying islands.

          Keep track of your exact position on one of the Great Walks on the North and South Islands.

          Explore the volanic landscape of Raoul Island using one of the many Offshore Island maps.

Also enjoy 250K maps of Australia.

          Find where to watch the sunset at Australia's Uluru Rock.

Waypoints: Mark special places.

         Scrolling list of waypoints stored in the iPad. Tap a waypoint name to view, edit, delete or go to it.
         Tap + to add a new waypoint. Tap Share to send your waypoints to a friend, another app, or another device.

Set a Go To waypoint.
See what direction, how far, and Estimated Time of Arrival.

         Tap a destination name from your waypoint list, then tap Go To. A green line to the waypoint points your way.
         Predicts an Estimated Time of Arrival using the twistiness and hiking speed of your path so far.

Construct or import a route with multiple waypoints.

      While navigating a route, predicts an Estimated Time of Arrival at each waypoint.
      Switches to the next Go To waypoint automatically as you pass each waypoint.

Share and print topo map images.

      Many ways to share so you can adapt to the needs of your recipients.

Make and follow a route from your previous track or an imported track.

      You can edit routes to remove points and gaps, and to include just the segment(s) you want for the route.
      The distance is the true length of the curved path. The bearing is to the next point on the path.

Question? Tap Help.
Scrolling Help Screen instructions cover the details.

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