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Hear firsthand from some of our satisfied customers who trust iHikeGPS NZ for their navigation needs.

iHikeGPS NZ on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

This app saved my life!   ★★★★★
“This app was downloaded, while lost in the Kaimai Ranges. GPS quickly located position, app quickly ( ish ) downloaded the relevant NZ topo map. From there easily identified position on the map. Outcome, life saved. And my mates who by this stage was getting all girly about it all. Best app ever!!! ” - Jk9624 on the UK App Store

“Quickly tells you where you are on topo map when in the back country - which is what it claims to do! Easy to load maps.” - GB999007 on the New Zealand App Store

“I've use the app on the southern crossing and Te Urewera where It was very useful…it works as described by vendor in real world situations.” - Cordyceps on the New Zealand App Store

“I am a huge fan of your iHike app. We have a not for profit group using it to conduct a predator control program targeting rats and possums in New Zealand…Your app by far surpasses the Garmin GPS units we have.” - email from Fraser in Auckland

“An amazing app that I use all the time while running in the hills.” - email from Chris at Massey University

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